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Solutions Overview
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Supply Chain Readiness Initiatives
ISCEA works very closely with Governments, Universities, Industry Associations, and Chambers of Commerce at various Countries on Supply Chain Readiness Initiatives.
On-Site Workshops
ISCEA works with major organization Worldwide to bring ISCEA Programs to their operation across various countries. ISCEA deliver International supply chain knowledge combined with localized supply chain know how for maximum effectiveness. Workshops are conveniently located at the ISCEA member companies and delivered in setups to minimize interruption to operations while training sessions are taking place. In some cases the employees attend 4 hour session in the morning and take care of the work duties in the afternoon. For example, 32 hour standard CSCM program is delivered over 2 weeks (10 days).
System Impelmentations
ISCEA Global Team will work with our corporate members on their various system needs. With ISCEA as the implementations partner, our member companies will be able to seamlessly integrate ISCEA teaching with day-to-day operations. ISCEA will be with our member companies throughout the process to assist them with defining enterprise architecture, selecting software, project management, employee skill assessment, employee training, and continued fine tuning of the process.