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Certified Supply Chain Manager


Subject Matter Covered in the ISCEA CSCM Exam:
Supply Chain Body of Knowledge (80%)
Theory of Constraints (10%)
Operational Accounting (4%)
Lean Six Sigma (4%)
Leadership & Team Building (2%)

Supply Chain Areas Covered in the CSCM Workshop & Exam:
·Understanding the Supply Chain
·Supply Chain Performance: Achieving Strategic Fit and Scope
·Supply Chain Drivers and Obstacles
·Designing the Distribution Network in a Supply Chain
·Network Design in the Supply Chain
·Network Design in an Uncertain Environment
·Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain
·Aggregate Planning in the Supply Chain
·Planning Supply and Demand-Managing Predictable Variability
·Managing Economies of Scale in the Supply Chain- Cycle Inventory
·Managing Uncertainty in the Supply Chain- Safety Inventory
·Determining Optimal Level of Product Availability
·Sourcing Decisions in a Supply Chain
·Transportation in the Supply Chain
·Pricing and Revenue Management in the Supply Chain
·Coordination in the Supply Chain
·Information Technology and Supply Chain
·E-Business and the Supply Chain

You must have an in depth understanding
of these Topics to pass the CSCM Exam:
·Elements of the Supply Chain
·Just-in-Time (JIT)
·Total Quality Management (TQM)
·Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II)
·Demand Planning
·Capacity Management.
·Demand Management
·Sales and Operations Planning
·Master Scheduling
·Measuring Business Performance.
·Recognizing Techniques and Practices of Inventory Management
·Mechanics of the Detailed Material Planning Process
·Planning Operations to Support the Priority Plan
·Planning Procurement and External Sources of Supply
·Prioritizing and Sequencing Work
·Executing Plans and Implementing Controls
·Authorizing and Reporting Activities for Push and Pull Systems
·Evaluating Performance and Providing Feedback
·Competitive Market Issues
·Choices Affecting Facilities, Supply Chain, Information Technology, and
Organizational Design
·Configuring and Integrating Internal Processes
·Evaluating and Managing Projects.

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